Existing Homes in Yekaterinburg Take 131 Days to Sell

11 January 2018 (09:22)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 11, 2018. The number of existing homes currently on offer at Ural Chamber of Real Estate’s database dropped by 7.4% (600 apartments/rooms) in the last four weeks, the Chamber’s research findings indicate.

There are currently 8,800 apartments and 1,700 rooms in communal apartments on sale in Yekaterinburg.

‘Even though the market has stayed a bit inert, the drop in market supply resulted in new price dynamics. The increase was not very significant, however, and only noticeable in certain market segments, whereas the average per-square-meter price throughout the city has remained the same. According to our analysts, as of January 8, 2018, this average price stood at RUR 67,301 per m2,’ the press service says.

The price of centrally located apartments declined by 1.5% in the last four weeks and reached RUR 94,721 per m2. However, prices of homes in the city’s second most expensive territories increased by 0.1%, up to RUR 72,790 per m2 on average. In other parts of Yekaterinburg, apartments grew pricier as well: by 0.3% (up to RUR 60,887 per m2) in the city’s third most expensive areas and by 0.2% (up to RUR 55,727 per m2) in the fourth most expensive areas. As for the remotest and the least expensive locations the outskirts, the price has remained at RUR 47,482 per m2 in the last four weeks.

It now takes 131 days on average to make a sale.

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