Yekaterinburg: Existing Homes 1.7% Less Expensive

14 August 2017 (14:36)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 14, 2017. The average asking price currently comes to 66,167 RUR per m2 on Yekaterinburg existing home market. This is 0.4% less than four weeks previously and 13.7% less than in February 2015, Ural Real Estate Chamber’s analytical report indicates.

Prices declined most noticeably for the centrally located apartments (-1.7% in the last four weeks), with the current asking price at 93,933 RUR per m2. Homes in the city’s remotest and least expensive areas are now 0.4% cheaper and can be had for 55,445 RUR per m2, whereas those in the city’s third and fourth priciest locations grew 0.4% and 0.5% less expensive, respectively. Apartments near downtown lost 0.2% of their market value.

Rooms in communal apartments on offer keep growing cheaper, with the price decrease at 1% in the last four weeks (61,247 RUR per m2). This segment still needs to grow less expensive in order to appeal to customers on a limited budget, even though prices have dropped by as much as 24.2% since they last reached their all-time high.

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