MegaFon Ural Gets Base Stations Ready for Skiing Season

7 December 2017 (09:06)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 7, 2017. The telecommunications provider MegaFon looked into its traffic downloaded/uploaded through base stations near Sverdlovsk Oblast’s ski resorts, MegaFon Ural’s press service reports.

‘Skiers and snowboarders now use their smartphone Internet connection five times more extensively than before. Users located in Uktus and Pilnaya proved the most active online searchers in the last month. The amount of data downloaded in each of the two locations compares with around 40,000 online streaming sessions on social networks. Skiers in Listvennaya and Volchikha are almost just as active mobile wise,’ the press service says.

MegaFon engineers thus got the base stations near the Ural resorts ready for winter. Good quality connection is now ensured at Mounts Yezhovaya, Dolgaya, Belaya, and Teplaya. Besides, high-speed Internet connection and reinforced 4G services were made available at Uktus, Volchikha, Pilnaya, and Listvennaya, where the traffic keeps growing drastically.

‘Visitors to Mount Pilnaya in Pervouralsk do appreciate both speedy skiing and speedy Internet surfing. They are now using four times more LTE traffic than before,’ says MegaFon Ural’s Technical Director Anton Scherbakov.

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