Sinara Transport Machines Presents New Locos at Saint Petersburg Gas Forum

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 12, 2017. Sinara Group’s Sinara Transport Machines (STM) took part in the 7th Saint Petersburg International Gas Forum on October 3-6, 2017; the forum is one of the Russian Energy Week’s most prominent highlights. STM presented its gas-engine-fueled locomotives and its gas generator stations at the forum.

According to Sinara Group’s press service, STM Holding is already an experienced gas turbine locomotive manufacturer: one such loco (GT1h-002 made at STM Holding’s Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant) was handed over to Russian Railways as early as 2016. In April, Russian Railways decided to use its gas turbine locomotives on a wider scale, which means Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant will now produce these on a serial scale.

‘What is more, STM Innovative Development Center’s design engineers are currently working on new loco makes that can be either gas-engine- or liquefied natural gas-fueled. Compared with the older loco versions, these new ones are much better in that they need 30% to 40% less fuel, their engine parts have a much longer lifespan, they can get refilled less frequently, and produce considerably fewer harmful emissions,’ the press service says.

STM also presented its project on switching its loco depots from regular locomotives to gas turbine locomotive shunters and providing these depots with the necessary filling stations and power infrastructure.

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