Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant to Upgrade TEM14

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 16, 2017. Sinara Transport Machines’ Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant coordinated a technical meeting on the plant’s TEM14 loco upgrade potential.

According to Sinara Group’s press service, the meeting was attended by Russian Railways’ locomotive operators from Northern, Moscow, Volga, South-Eastern, and Sverdlovsk Railways, since two-diesel, electric transmission locomotive shunters of the TEM14 type are particularly popular in these parts of the country.

‘An experimental TEM14 sample loco was made at the plant in July 2011; this make has been produced on a serial scale since 2013. Sinara Transport Machines’ Innovative Development Center’s engineers keep on introducing new engineering solutions to improve the loco’s performance. Special attention is paid to the loco operators’ proposals. The engineers and the operators working together results in better technical and operational parameters,’ the press service says.

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