LTZ gets certified to make pilot batch of TEM14 locos

25 June 2013 (10:26)

June 25, 2013. Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant (LTZ, a member of Sinara Transport Machines) got a compliance certificate from the Federal Railway Transport Certification Register. Its TEM14 loco’s design documentation was classed O1, which means the company can now produce a pilot batch of locos. After the first stage of TEM14 loco certification had been completed, LTZ got down to getting the certificate allowing it to make a pilot batch, Sinara Group’s PR Center says.

The two-diesel TEM14 locomotive was designed by Sinara Transport Machines Innovational Development Center by the order of Russia’s Ministry for Industry & Trade. The loco is meant for shunting and pushing at the stations and for long-distance operations at the 1,520mm railways in moderate climates. The 16-wheel locomotive can move at the speed of up to 100 km an hour and has two diesel units produced by Ural Diesel Engine Plant (UDMZ, a member of Sinara Transport Machines) with the total capacity of 2,400 horsepower. The loco is fitted with a diesel auto-start that depends on the workload. The use of the pre-heaters ensures an easy start of the loco during the winter season. Finally, TEM14 is 20% more energy-efficient than its counterparts.

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