Roskotrend Group to Supply New Year’s Gifts to MMK Group’s Employees’ Children

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, October 5, 2017. MMK Group’s trade union coordinated its annual tender to decide on the supplier of New Year’s gifts for the employees’ children, MMK press service reports.

‘The tender usually gets coordinated on the eve of Metallurgist’s Day in mid-summer, when you have plenty of time to look into suppliers’ applications in peace and make sure you can get good 32,000 presents for the workers’ children. A committee consisting of fifteen trade union representatives, headed by Chair of MMK Group Trade Union Boris Semenov, looked carefully into all the fifteen+ proposals from companies based all across the country from Moscow to Tyumen,’ the press service says.

The suppliers normally need to meet the typical criteria: safety, compliance with all the sanitary regulations, good quality sweets, and original yet functional packaging.

Any small detail could affect the order-fulfillment terms, which is why the committee paid special attention not only to the contents but also to the conditions affecting the storage safety: the number of workers an enterprises employs, the number of intermediaries involved, the 24-hour packaging readiness, the overall logistics, the size and location of warehouses, how long a supplier has been on the market, whether they can guarantee on-time delivery, and whether they have their own production facilities or not.

Yekaterinburg-based Roskotrend Group got selected from among many competitors in the end.

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