EVRAZ City Walks Project Brings 440 Teams Together

27 September 2017 (18:19)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 27, 2017. EVRAZ Holdings presented its pedestrian quests program to locals of Nizhniy Tagil and Novokuznetsk in early August; this City Walks Project was designed as a way to celebrate the holding’s 25th anniversary and brought over 440 teams together, the company press service reports.

‘Pedestrian quests present a new kind of active pastime: learning about the history and architecture of a city you live in in a game format. The company developed three unique quests for Nizhniy Tagil and Novokuznetsk; these vary in difficulty (you can choose among green, blue, and red) and are 27 km long altogether,’ the press service says.

The goal is to check in all the quest-coded locations and to answer the questions proposed to you. This walk is a way to rediscover the more famous landmarks and to find out about the less well-known spots away from the touristy routes. A player or a team scores points for each correct answer and loses points on every mistake or use of hints.

Once the last question gets answered, you get transferred to the final section of the quest website where you can check your overall score and your position in the city rating. All those willing to do so may share their feedback, upload photos from their walk, and even find out how many colored they managed to burn throughout.

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