EVRAZ Coordinates Pedestrian Quests in Nizhniy Tagil, Novokuznetsk

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 4, 2017. EVRAZ Holding coordinated pedestrian quests in Nizhniy Tagil and Novokuznetsk (cities where its plants are located) to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, EVRAZ Holding Ural’s Corporate Relations Center reports.

There are three special routes to walk along in each of the two cities; the routes will help to learn more about local history and landmarks.

‘The quests are free to take part in and are open to everyone. To join the quest, you have to sign up on our website www.evraz-gorod.ru and choose your city and route. All you need is a phone with an Internet connection. You can do the quest on your own or with friends - there can be as many people doing the quest challenges as you like, and you can take as much time as you like, too. Also, you can take a break at any moment and finish the quest later.

The goal is to answer all the questions about a chosen city’s sights. You score bonus points for the right answers and penalty points for the wrong ones. A special subsection called Did You Know…? provides an insight into the local urban myths, and Feedback is where you can share your impressions and photos. Once the quest has been completed, the app will tell you how well you know the city and how many calories you managed to burn while doing it.

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