ChTPZ Group Makes Beaching Produce

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 19, 2017. ChTPZ Group’s SOT is expanding its product range with new welded pipe piles, the company press service reports.

The piles are mainly used for beach- and bank-protection purposes to ensure strength, stability, and a structure’s increased lifespan.

‘These bank-beaching produce is likely to enjoy increased demand as oil and gas companies keep working on in-shore deposits on a large scale. The plant took this challenge very seriously and mastered the production of high quality welded pipe piles in only five months between April and August,’ says the company Technical Director Kirill Nikitin.

An ad hoc work team was set up at the Group to do research and preparatory work and to develop the product. The piles are now made at SOT, a plant with great potential for welding nonstandard items. A pilot pile made from S390 steel section piece and a ChTPZ pipe (diameter: 630 mm) was made for the start. The trials and tests showed that the product meets all the necessary requirements and is good for construction purposes.

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