Sverdlovsk Region Now Has Fewer Billionaires

15 September 2017 (14:33)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 15, 2017. Russia’s Federal Tax Service’s Sverdlovsk Region division carried a preliminary report on the tax return campaign 2017.

According to the division, 323,000 tax forms were submitted to the fiscal authorities by private individuals in the seven months of 2017.

22,000 taxpayers submitted tax forms stating yearly income of 1m RUR or more; this was 14% more than one year earlier.

21,000 people declared yearly income of 1m RUR to 10m RUR (up 14%), 705 people declared yearly income on 10m RUR to 100m RUR range, 89 people in the 100m RUR to 500m RUR range, 11 people in the 500m RUR to 1bn RUR range, and seven people declared yearly income of 1bn RUR +. This is one person less than one year previously.

Sole traders, notary officers, farm owners, and bankruptcy commissioners submitted 10,000 tax forms all in all.

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