Sverdlovsk Region had only 4 billionaires in 2013

30 May 2014 (09:19)

May 30, 2014. Based on the results of the latest tax declaration campaign, the number of billionaires living in Sverdlovsk Region is currently down to four. Last year, 7 people declared an income of over 1bn RUR, Head of Sverdlovsk Region branch of Russia’s Federal Tax Service Division for Taxation of Private Individuals’ Income & Property Lidia Isayeva said.

As for millionaires, the number of these actually went up.

’11,200 residents of Sverdlovsk Region stated an income of over 1m RUR in their tax declarations last year. This is 6.5% more than a year earlier. This year, we received 10,700 declarations from citizens whose annual income came to 1-10m RUR. This was also 6% higher than in the four months of 2013. 361 people declared a yearly income of 10-100m RUR; the number of people whose annual income comes to 100-500m RUR rose by 20% (the figure was 59 people). 15 private individuals declared an income of over 500m RUR,’ Isayeva said.

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