Sverdlovsk Region residents pay 18m RUR in tax from letting homes in 2014

11 March 2015 (09:16)

March 11, 2015. 1,654 residents of Sverdlovsk Region submitted their declarations to the tax authorities in order to declare the income obtained from letting homes in 2014; in 2013, the figure was 1,498. The said residents paid 18.153m RUR worth of personal income tax last year, Sverdlovsk Region division of Russia’s Federal Tax Service’s press office says.

‘Following the tax authorities’ efforts to encourage private individuals to submit their declarations even past the deadline, 339 more people declared their income: this was twice as many as a year earlier,’ says head of the division’s Personal Income & Property Tax Department Lyudmila Isayeva.
These applicants paid 3.9m RUR worth of personal income tax, which was three times more than in 2013. Additionally, 129 people were fined for failing to meet the submission deadline; the fines totaled to 126,000 RUR.

Sverdlovsk Region division of Russia’s Federal Tax Service also expects the law-enforcement authorities to provide them with data on over 33,000 apartments that were let by Sverdlovsk Region residents in 2014.

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