Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant starts testing new freight loco TG16M

September 19, 2014. An experimental sample of freight loco TG16M made by Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant (LTZ, a member enterprise of Sinara Transport Machines) is now undergoing acceptance and certification tests at Rolling Stock Scientific Research & Design and Technological Institute (VNIKTI, Kolomna), Sinara Group’s PR Department reports.

The loco successfully passed the plant’s internal tests earlier and proved its full compliance with the parameters set out in the technical specifications.

The TG16M loco was designed by Sinara Transport Machines Innovative Development Center (a member enterprise of Sinara Transport Machines) by order of and in accordance with the technological requirements of Russian Railways. The loco is meant to be used on railways of Far Eastern Railways Sakhalin Division (track gauge 1,067mm) and can also be used on regular railways (track gauge 1,520mm) in the future.

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