rabota.ru: 38% of Yekaterinburg Residents Six Months Out of Job

4 August 2017 (14:35)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 4, 2017. 60% of Yekaterinburg’s residents are currently on the lookout for a new job, even though 37% of them have a job at the moment, rabota.ru’s press service reports.

One in three respondents have been searching for under a month, every one in four of respondents - for one to three months, every one in ten - for three to six months, and 38% of those surveyed said they had been out of job for over six months.

37% of respondents said they saw job search as either a duty or a chance to solve their problems. 27% of respondents see the process as educational and self-fulfilling. 13% of those surveyed said job interviews help to make new contacts, and 5% said job search was a fascinating quest.

51% of respondents are people with popular skills and qualification. Every one in seven is a top or a middle-level manager, and only 14% of those surveyed are unique-skill workers.

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