92% of Yekaterinburg residents ready to work from home

13 August 2015 (09:13)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 13, 2015. 92% of Yekaterinburg residents are willing to consider working from home, findings of a research conducted by E1.Rabota and Zarplata.ru indicate.

Being able to do one's own planning and scheduling is seen as the main advantage, according to 66% of respondents; 50% rated the possibility of working right from home as their No.1 plus, 43% of those surveyed pointed to the possibility of working for several different employers at the same time, and every one in four (26%) said being able to spend more time with the family was the best thing about this arrangement.

Respondents also mentioned earning options for new parents on maternity/paternity leaves, being spared the need to get to the office every day, and extra income opportunities. As for the disadvantages, those surveyed indicate the difficulty of separating work from home (40%), lack of interaction (35%), communication deficiencies in the supervisor-subordinate relations (31%), and the challenge of self-organization (16%).

34% of respondents have already tried working from home and 21% combined working from home with a full-time office employment.

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