20% of Yekaterinburg residents plan vacation abroad

April 22, 2015. 20% of Yekaterinburg residents are planning to go abroad for their vacations this year, E1.Rabota’s research team states.

25% intend to stay in town, 31% will head for their dachas or countryside B&Bs, and 24% of respondents said they are going to travel around Russia.

Based on the last year’s survey findings, 18% of Yekaterinburg dwellers haven’t had a vacation for over two years, and 9%of those surveyed said they only used 50% of their vacations. 42% take some time off conventionally, that is, for two weeks twice a year. 14% of respondents said one month’s paid holiday wasn’t enough, so they took a few days of unpaid leave as well.

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