ChTPZ Group Shareholder Alexander Fedorov Is Chelyabinsk Region’s Honored Citizen

23 June 2017 (13:27)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 23, 2017. Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Boris Dubrovsky presented ChTPZ Group’s shareholder Alexander Fedorov with an honorary badge of Chelyabinsk Region’s Honored Citizen for his contribution to the area’s socioeconomic development, the Group’s press service reports.

‘ChTPZ is universally known to be the driving force behind the industrial development in the area for many decades now; the company has also grown to become a recognizable brand and the epitome of the so-called White Metallurgy in the last few years,’ Dubrovsky said.

Alexander Fedorov, together with another one of the Group’s shareholders Andrei Komarov, control over 80% of the company shares. Fedorov first came to Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant as a mechanic in 1976 and is now ChTPZ Group’s and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant’s Chair of the Board of Directors.

Andrei Komarov also became Chelyabinsk Region’s Honored Citizen in May.

‘The company owners embarked on the production upgrades program at the Group’s Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant at the start of the millennium. It was under their supervision that the Group came up with its breakthrough Vysota 239, Iron Ozone 32, Finishing Center, and ETERNO projects. In addition to this, Snezhnost, a charity children’s festival, has been coordinated on a yearly basis since 2003. Over 150,000 children have been able to take part in this so far,’ the press service says.

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