Sverdlovsk Region Deputies Adopt Budget Implementation Report

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 7, 2017. Sverdlovsk Region Legislative Assembly deputies adopted a report on the implementation of the constituency’s budget for the year 2016, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policy Department reports.

Governor Kuivashev called for a more efficient use of budget funds and brining the budget deficit down.

‘Last year’s budget had to be utilized under unstable economic circumstances and hardly predictable external factors at play. Still, we managed to keep it balanced and to meet all of last year’s obligations such as social welfare payments and investments in healthcare, sports, and road-building. We hope the year 2017 will prove even better, which will allow for more positive budget adjustments and for more funds to be allocated for the area’s development,’ says Sverdlovsk Region Finance Minister Galina Kulachenko.

Now the budget revenues amounted to 194.6bn RUR last year, which was 18.5bn RUR more than in the year 2015.

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