MMK Wins Archimedes 2017 Award

UrBC, Moscow, May 29, 2017. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) won several prizes at Archimedes 2017, the 20th Moscow International Innovations Show, in mid-May.

‘Both our board of experts and international judges’ panel assessed MAGSTRONG trademark very highly. The trademark covers a range of highly durable construction steels and four patented developments to do with ways of making increased durability and wear-resistant welding steel,’ MMK says.

The company’s MAGSTRONG trademark was awarded a gold medal and a certificate. Another gold medal was given to MMK for a special technology for the production of extremely wear-resistant steel sheets.

Additionally, the company’s technology for making extremely durable steel sheets and the one for making durable steel sheets won bronze medals and certificates in the show.

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