Russian Copper Company Chair of The BOD Supports Chelyabinsk Opera House

17 April 2017 (14:13)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 17, 2017. Russian Copper Company Chair of the Board of Directors Igor Altushkin is now a member of M.I. Glinka Chelyabinsk State Academic Opera & Ballet House’s board of trustees, the company press service reports.

The board’s first meeting took place on April 13, the Patron of the Arts Day. The trustees talked about how the design of the theater workshop/stage props and backdrops storage facility was proceeding and about the necessary capital repair. They could also see a presentation on Dream Kaleidoscope, a family musical featuring Chelyabinsk Region’s most gifted children as well as professional performers.

The company press service says the financial support of the theater is an important part of Russian Copper Company’s CSR policy that touches upon matters of culture, children’s arts, sports, and promotion of patriotism.

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