Kamensk Uralsky Foundry Plant Turns 75

24 March 2017 (13:28)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 24, 2017. Ural Vagon Zavod Corporation’s Kamensk Uralsky Foundry Plant (KULZ) was founded seventy-five years ago this month and celebrated the occasion, the company press service reports.

‘KULZ celebrated by investing in production upgrades and retooling that touched upon all the production departments and quality control divisions. This is, in fact, an ongoing process. Also, every employee can now see for themselves that we prepared for the special date by investing in urban improvements as well: more trees got planted, the local fountain got re-built, and a monument featuring a model of SU 27 plane, as well as the actual SU 17 fighter bomber from the eighties were installed on the premises,’ the press service says.

‘Our company’s entire history is a heroic epic, starting from the very moment the plant was set up in the winter of 1942, when the equipment, transported from war-stricken Balashikha, got unloaded onto an almost empty field. In as little as three and a half months, the plant started making its first products. KULZ underwent several conversion and reconversion programs, with the primary production goals decided upon in the early fifties. These days, the company keeps replacing its obsolete equipment and diversifying its product range. We are now capable of fulfilling orders for nearly every branch of the military forces,’ says the plant Director-General Anatoly Barabanov.

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