ChTZ Assembles B10M2 Bulldozer

1 February 2017 (12:58)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 1, 2017. The first B10M2 bulldozer with hydromechanical transmission gear left Ural Vagon Zavod Corporation’s Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant’s new assembly line, the company press service reports.

The bulldozer went through all the assembly stages from getting fitted with caterpillar track unit and attachable units to getting coated and prepared for final shipment to customer.

It took the plant very little time to get the new assembly line ready: the setup began in mid-November and was over in slightly more than a month. The line is now located on the site where an assembly line for tanks and other combat vehicles used to be during the war.

‘The assembly line is sixty meters long and consists of eight sections. It is completely different from our older line at the engineering division in that the old line has the so-called moving platform and the new one has a rail track with platforms that are used to move the tractor from one section onto another. In the first section of the assembly line, the tractor gets wings, fuel tanks, and a gearbox. In the second section, it is fitted with radiators. Then come the operator’s cabin, the outer layers, accumulators, and casings. The plant is going along the lean production principles in order to create a very organized working space,’ the press service says.

The new assembly line’s capacity is estimated at up to 2,000 vehicles a year.

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