Ural Locomotives Meet Output Goals for 2016

10 January 2017 (09:28)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 10, 2017. Sinara Group and Siemens’s joint venture Ural Locomotives coordinated a solemn ceremony on December 29 to look into its output goals for and performance in the year 2016, Sinara Group’s press service reports.

This year, the plant made thirty Lastochka ES2G Series electric trains, eighty-nine Sinara 2ES6 Series freight locos, and fifteen Granit 2ES10 Series locos in full accordance with the company’s output plan for the year.

Ural Locomotives’ best-performing workers received awards from the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region, Sverdlovsk Region Industry & Trade Ministry, Union of Industrialists & Employers’ Sverdlovsk Region division, Russian Railways, and Sinara Group. Some of the employees also got awarded by Mayor of Moscow and Moscow Underground. There were forty-seven awardees all in all.

Sverdlovsk Region Industry & Trade Minister Sergei Perestoronin congratulated the plant team on meeting the annual production targets and said Ural Locomotives were a great success. Despite the fierce competition created by both Russian and foreign companies on the same market, the enterprise became a favorite with Moscow customers. Ural Locomotives keep supplying their locos and trains to the capital and provide after-sale services into the bargain. The company keeps on developing and providing its workers with jobs and confidence in their tomorrow.

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