Ural Locomotives Supply 2ES6 Locos to Russian Railways

4 April 2017 (13:45)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 4, 2017. Sinara Group and Siemens’s joint venture Ural Locomotives supplied this year’s first set of locos to the Russian Railways. The customer received twenty-five 2ES6 Sinara locomotives within the framework of the plant’s first-quarter production program.

According to Sinara Group’s PR Center, twenty locos from this set will head for Sverdlovsk Railways and the remaining five units will be used at South Ural Railways. This year, the company is also planning to enter Kuibyshev Railways, where Ural Locomotives will also supply its locos. Russian Railways will receive seventy-four locos this year altogether.

‘The plant keeps working in close cooperation with Russian Railways experts to improve the design of the locos. All of the 2ES6 units made at Ural Locomotives in 2017 got fitted with upgraded equipment, which boosted the locos’ performance parameters,’ the PR Center says.

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