ChTPZ Group Celebrates New Year in Pervouralsk, Chelyabinsk

26 December 2016 (14:23)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 26, 2016. ChTPZ Group’s employees are to celebrate the coming New Year’s Eve in Chelyabinsk (on December 22) and Pervouralsk (on December 23) with shows that over 1,000 workers will see, the company press service reports.

As usual, the awarding ceremony of the annual Golden Fund Contest is going to be the key feature of the day. Thirty-eight metallurgical workers, including a rolling mill operator, an arc welder, a boilmaker, and a crane operator, got awarded by the company management for their exceptional skills and support of the company values (Reliability, Healthcare, Involvement, and Creation) this year.

In addition to trophies and certificates, all the awardees will also get money prizes. Besides, a new corporate value (Achievement) was introduced this year to represent the Group’s workers’ ambitions to produce the best possible results.

The Group worked hard this year and was spoken of very highly by Russian President Vladimir Putin when he visited one of the plants in December.

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