Russian Copper Company Makes 6,000,000 kg of Copper Cathodes

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 15, 2016. Russian Copper Company’s Novgorod Metallurgical Plant made 6,000,000 kg of copper cathodes last month.

‘This is the largest monthly output figure the company has reached since its expansion and launch in 2003,’ their press service says.

The plant’s Director-General Oleg Chernoshtan said the entire team worked towards this production record and also stressed the importance of stable and sufficient raw stuff supply in the process.

‘Russian Copper Company’s goal is to get 6,200,000 kg of cathodes in December, so November results should be seen as the plant’s new monthly output standard,’ Chernoshtan said.

Novgorod Metallurgical Plant was built by Russian Copper Company from scratch in 2003. The plant’s production capacity was 40,000,000,000 kg of cathodes a year at the start and 50,000,000,000 kg a year following a reconstruction in 2005. The plant got reconstructed once again in 2007, with production capacity reaching 70,000,000,000 kg of cathodes a year.

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