Kyshtym Copper Electrolysis Plant Makes 5% More Copper Cathodes in 2017

25 January 2018 (09:38)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, January 25, 2018. Russian Copper Company’s Chelyabinsk Oblast-based asset Kyshtym Copper Electrolysis Plant (KMEZ) set a new production record last year, making over 128,000,000 kg of copper cathodes (up 5% on the year 2016), Russian Copper Company’s press service reports.

This was possible mostly to increased crude copper output at Karabashmed, which is primarily responsible for supplying KMEZ with raw stuffs. Karabashmed made 7% more copper in 2017 than in 2016, with final output at 120,000,000 kg.

‘KMEZ fully switched to mineral stuffs supplied by Russian Copper Company’s own assets in 2016 and is thus no longer dependent on external scrap copper supply. In 2017, we stocked up on anodes to ensure ongoing production of cathode copper products,’ says the plant’s Director-General Andrei Kudryavtsev.

The plant will go on with its large-scale production upgrades this year. KMEZ intends to put up two additional electrolysis tub sets (forty tubs each) in order to raise its cathode copper output by 15% (up to 140,000,000 kg a year). Also, the expansion of the plant’s copper wire department will result in a 40% increase in output (up to 140,000,000 kg of copper wire a year).

These upgrades are estimated to require RUR 679m in investments in 2017-2018 altogether.

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