Karabashmed Supplies Copper to Novgorod

24 June 2016 (17:00)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 24, 2016. Novgorod Metallurgical Plant has processed over 5,600,000 kg of blister copper supplied by Karabashmed so far; both companies are member enterprises of Russian Copper Company, the company press service reports.

The plant started processing the blister copper produced by Karabashmed in the second quarter of the year. The metal gets delivered from Chelyabinsk Region to Veliky Novgorod by rail and by road.

The plant processed 6,077,420 kg of blister copper in its Merz furnace between January and May 2016. The metal is used for making cathodes, the plant’s primary product; 4,714,646 cathodes were made in the five months of the year alone.

The plant’s workers are also learning to use their new Outotec converter to extract the remaining traces of copper and precious metals from slag.

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