MMK Supplies 1,464,000,000 kg of Metal Goods to Service Centers

20 September 2016 (15:01)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, September 20, 2016. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) delivered 1,464,000,000 kg of rolled metal goods to steel service centers in the eight months of 2016 (compared with 1,097,000,000 kg in the eight months of 2015). Now steel service centers are responsible for 40% of MMK rolled metal sales on the Russian market, MMK Regional Sales Group’s Senior Manager Andrei Golitsin said at the 7th All-Russian Steel Service Centers Conference 2016 in Chelyabinsk.

According to MMK representative, about a half of MMK rolled metal deliveries to steel service centers is used for making profiled flooring and light gauge steel framing, while the other half either gets sold further or is used for making stampings and car parts.

MMK provides its customers with special coated goods for the purpose of making profiled flooring and light gauge steel framing: 732,000,000 kg of such products were sold in January-August 2016, with over 50% of sales in the Urals and Siberia. Also, some 46,000,000 kg of coated goods were supplied to the company’s own MMK Profile Moscow in Shchelkovo, Moscow Region.

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