Kyshtym Copper Electrolysis Plant Sets Production Record

9 September 2016 (13:56)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 9, 2016. Russian Copper Company’s copper cathode and wire rod manufacturer Kyshtym Copper Electrolysis Plant set a cathode production record recently, the company press service reports.

The plant’s Copper Electrolysis Department OEM 1 produced 7,504,414 kg of cathodes and Department OEM 2 produced 3,496,062 kg of cathodes in August 2016 (11,000,476 kg all in all).

The company press service reports the dramatic production output increase was brought about by two factors. Firstly, the electrolysis process settings got optimized so that the direct manufacture time went up considerably. Secondly, improved raw material quality resulted in cathodic current density rising from under 330 A/m2 in July to 338.7 A/m2 in OEM 1 and 336.4 A/m2 in OEM 2 in August.

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