Russian Copper Company puts up third copper electrolysis shop at Kyshtym-based plant

8 September 2006 (12:58)

Russian Copper Company CJSC has been putting up the third electrolysis shop at Kyshtym Copper Electrolysis Plant CJSC. Upon the completion of the project, the plant will produce 1.8 times more of cathode copper (up to 220,000 tons a year). The project requires $70m altogether, with the first section of the shop with the throughput of 50,000 tons a year will be launched in May 2007; the whole shop will be put into operation at the end of 2007.

Thus the production capacity of Kyshtym Copper Electrolysis Plant will rise by 2.7 times (from 82,000 tons to 220,000 tons of cathode copper annually) within four years (2003 to 20007). The total capacity of Russian Copper Company will have amounted to 290,000 tons of cathode copper a year by the end of 2007, which means that, within these four years, the company will have increased its output by 3.9 times (from 75,000 tons to 290,000 tons a year).

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