Sverdlovsk Railways: Ferrous Metal Shipments Down 8.5%

11 August 2016 (12:48)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 11, 2016. The amount of ferrous metal shipments handled by Sverdlovsk Railways in July 2016 dropped by 8.5%, down to 5.6m tons, against one year earlier, the company press service reports.

Also, chemical and mineral fertilizer shipments dropped by 9.7% (down to 7.5m tons), timber shipments by 5.7% (down to 5.7m tons), iron and manganese ore shipments by 4.9% (down to 7.3m tons), chemicals and soda shipments by 4.2% (down to 2.2m tons), scrap ferrous metal shipments by 1.9% (down to 1.4m tons), and cement shipments by 0.9% (down to 1.5m tons).

All in all, Sverdlovsk Railways handled 12.2m tons of various types of cargo in July 2016. The traffic turnover thus stood at 16.8bn ton-kilometers (-3% on a year earlier).

As for the first half of the year on the whole, the freight forwarder handled 80.2m tons of shipments in January-June 2016, with traffic turnover at 116.2bn ton-kilometers.

The entire enterprise, Russian Railways, handled 104.4m tons of cargo in July 2016, with traffic turnover at 197.6bn ton-kilometers, and 703.9m tons of cargo in January-June 2016.

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