MegaFon Launches One-Tap Payments

3 August 2016 (13:05)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 3, 2016. The telecommunications provider MegaFon’s subscribers can now transfer money from one mobile phone account to another in just a single screen tap. All you need is send a text message #amount to the addressee’s phone number, the company press service says.

Prior to the launch of the new service, account-to-account transfers required sending a text message with the addressee’s entire phone number and the amount of money transferred to 8900. Another option consisted in sending a USSD message to *133 or using the company website. These were not always the best choices for customers, since you had to remember the addressee’s number by heart in order to enter it manually.

‘Account-to-account transfers are now much easier and faster. You only need to send a text message #amount (for example, #300) to any phone number of any mobile carrier, and the money is there at once. You can also add a little comment if you wish, for example, ‘Thanks for the lunch!’ (#300 Thanks for the lunch). The new option is available both on smartphones and regular, button-type phones,’ the company explains.

This service is currently unique on the Russian mobile communication market.

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