METCOMBANK launches m-banking for customers

September 30, 2013. Thanks to the new SMS-banking services, METCOMBANK’s customers can now manage their bank card account remotely, with the help of their mobile phone, the bank’s press service reports.

SMS-banking is an extended variety of SMS alerts that allows the user to use text messages to perform the necessary transactions 24/7 and to enhance the security of one’s card considerably.

‘If you haven’t been using your card for a while, it takes just a text message to have it blocked temporarily, and just another text message to activate it again. One of the beauties of performing transactions with the help of text messages as opposed to e-banking is that you don’t need an Internet connection for that,’ says METCOMBANK Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dmitri Torbenko.

The bank’s customers can now use text messages to transfer money from one bank account to another, to top up their mobile phone accounts, to have their bank cards blocked and activated, to check their account balance, to get a list of all the transactions, and to set a different spending limit.

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