ChTPZ Group’s Alumni Serve Army Term

27 July 2016 (13:10)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 27, 2016. Thirty-five alumni of ChTPZ Group’s Future of White Metallurgy corporate training program (Class of 2016) are now serving their term in the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the company press service, the alumni were welcomed to their base in Gorny Shchit by military command representatives and management of ChTPZ Group’s Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant and Pervouralsk Metallurgical School (the Group’s partner in the Future of White Metallurgy Project).

ChTPZ Group signed a cooperation contract with Central Military District, Sverdlovsk Region Government, and Pervouralsk Metallurgical School in the spring of 2012 to make sure the Group’s alumni can serve their army term at a base in Gorny Shchit, located within sixty km of Pervouralsk.

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