Bauman University Students Come to Ural Vagon Zavod as Interns

19 July 2016 (13:22)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 19, 2016. Students from Bauman Moscow State Technical University’s Track-Mounted Vehicle Department SM 9 went on a two-week internship at Ural Vagon Zavod Corporation’s Ural Transport Machine-Building Design Office, the company press service reports.

Back in the Soviet times, this university’s graduates had to come to work at the plant within the framework of their tuition-funding contract with the government. Quite few of them are still employed with the company, so the design office is hoping to resume this kind of cooperation with the college and to ensure an inflow of young workers.

The company Deputy Director-General for HR Nikolai Cherepanov says working with colleges is a key aspect of the corporation’s cadre-attracting strategy. The fact that the country’s leading polytechnic chose Ural Vagon Zavod for its student internship programs means that Bauman University sees the company as an up-to-date, competitive business with capacity to design and produce innovative goods and with the know-hows that can prove useful and interesting for its students.

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