Vanadium ore mining and processing enterprise introduces student internship

20 June 2006 (09:20)

Starting this June, Vanadium Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise JSC (part of Evraz Group) introduced an internship program meant for students of Sverdlovsk Region colleges. The internship is expected to last for two months, and some thirty students (of Ural Polytechnic Institute and Ural State Mining University) will probably be on the program altogether. This decision was made within the framework of the company’s personnel management strategy.

This will be the second instance of working for Vanadium for students of Ural State Mining University; these interns had their first experience with the company last year. This time, they will be employed in the capacity of engineers rather than workers, and, after the corresponding changes to the staff lists are made, the students are to become fully-fledged members of the personnel team.

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