Yekaterinburg: New Tram Route in Summer 2016

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 12, 2016. A new tram line connecting Wilhelm de Gennin St, Serafima Deryabina St, Tokarei St, Sakharov St, and Tatishchev St is expected to get fully designed and approved of by the state board of experts by August 2016 at the latest, Yekaterinburg city council’s press service refers to chair of construction committee Nikolai Smetanin as saying.

The line’s general design contractor Uralgiprotrans is in charge of developing the first stage of the construction, that is, a section of the tram route from the ring in Sakharov St to Vonsovsky St to Wilhelm de Gennin St, with 3.55m of space provided for track spacing. The junction at Serafima Deryabina St and Obyezdnaya St has been taken account.

As for the intersection of Vonsovsky St and Wilhelm de Gennin St, the tram line will be located in an isolated patch at the center of the road, with the current separating strip to be extended from 3.55 to 7.35m (3.55m for track spacing plus 1.9m on each side). This means the road will have to be reconstructed to provide at least three driving lanes in each direction.

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