Tram link to connect Academic District and downtown Yekaterinburg

September 24, 2013. Today, on September 23, Yekaterinburg Council had a meeting on the laying of a new tram link, the city council's press service reports.

The hi tech link will become the first and the longest in the history of Yekaterinburg: it will be about 5km long. The link is to connect one of the city's largest and most dynamically developing sections in Leninsky District to downtown Yekaterinburg. Preliminarily, the first stop will be located at the intersection of Wilhelm de Gennin St and Sakharov St. The tramways will run along the right side of the road up to Akademik Vonsovsky St and then will turn right to the orbital motorway along the axis of Wilhelm de Gennin St. The link will then run along Seraphima Deryabina St with a turn to Shaumyan St, where it will connect with the current tramways in Belorechenskaya St.

During the second stage of the project, the link might be extended from Shaumyan St to Tokarey St to Tatischev St, where it will connect with the existing tramways.

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