Yekaterinburg: New Bus Line Opens In Akademicheskiy On April 1

29 March 2019 (09:19)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 29, 2019. Yekaterinburg Council’s Transport Committee approved of GorTrans’s proposal to extend bus line 18 to Akademik Sakharov Ave, in District Akademicheskiy and then to Akademgorodok (end stop), the town council’s website states.

Now automobiles were allowed in Akademik Sakharov Ave. as early as the beginning of March; Yekaterinburg Council’s Transport Committee also decided to send large buses (Line 18) there as well. The buses only used to go as far as the end stop at the intersection of Wilhelm de Gennin St. and Pavel Shamanov St. in Akademicheskiy.

According to the Director of GorTrans’s bus branch Alexander Ashikhmin, Line 18 buses will start going along the new route (from Wilhelm de Gennin St. to Akademik Sakharov Ave. to Amundsen St. and then to the end stop/traffic circle in Akademgorodok). Two extra buses will be supplied for the line to make up for the increased passenger traffic. This is expected to cover the urban transit needs of public transport users in Akademik Sakharov Ave. (the south of District Akademicheskiy) in full.

The website says the new urban transit line in Akademik Sakharov Ave. (from Wilhelm de Gennin St. to Amundsen St.) is over 2.5 km long, with seven bus stops along the way.

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