Sverdlovsk Region’s unemployment rate reaches 6.5% in November

23 December 2015 (09:33)

UrBC, Moscow, December 23, 2015. Rosstat reports Sverdlovsk Region’s unemployment rate reached 6.5% in November 2015 (149,900 people out of 2.322m people of working age).

In Russia on the whole, the unemployment rate is reported at 5.8%; with 65.1% of population working. This is 4.2% (180,000 people) more jobless and 0.5% (380,000 people) fewer working citizens than in October 2015 and 10.7% (422,000 people) more jobless and 0.8% (540,000 people) fewer working citizens than in November 2014.

A person out of job is on average 35.6 years old; 24.3% of the unemployed are in the under-25 age group (including 4.6% in the 15-19 age group and 19.7% in the 20-24 age group).

35% of job-seekers have been out of jobs for under three months; 27.1% have been on the look-out for a place for a year or longer.

32.8% of the unemployed come from the country’s rural areas and 24% come from bigger cities.

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