Over 50% of Yekaterinburg residents unwilling to work more for same pay

7 September 2015 (09:22)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 7, 2015. Despite the current economic crisis, 59% of Yekaterinburg residents are not ready to work more unless their salary goes up accordingly, E1.Rabota's PR Service refers to the findings of their survey (carried out jointly with Zarplata.ru) as indicating.

50% of those respondents who said they were unwilling to take on a greater workload are already dissatisfied with their pay, so they would rather start looking for a new job.

35% of those surveyed admitted they wouldn't like to work harder, while 11% complained their workload was already overwhelming.

Those respondents who seem prepared to work more gave the following grounds: 47% are afraid a new job might turn out even worse; 32% hope to be offered new, interesting tasks; and 22% are scared of losing their jobs, so they are likely to agree to the employer's demands.

The current 9,000 job openings in Yekaterinburg posted on E1.Rabota and Zarplata.ru are mostly in the transport/car industry, sales, and retail trade sectors.

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