Sverdlovsk Railways’ building cargo output drops by a quarter

7 July 2015 (17:40)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 7, 2015. Sverdlovsk Railways handled 10.95m tons of cargo in Jun 2015, which was 1.1% less than a year earlier, and 365,200,000 kg of cargo a day on average, Russian Railways’ press service reports.

This June’s cargo turnover went down by 0.3% compared with a year earlier and reached 15.81bn ton-kilometers.

67.1m tons of cargo were shipped via Sverdlovsk Railways in the first half of 2015, which exceeded the figures for a year earlier by 0.9%.

The shipment figures rose most for oil and mineral products (by 2.9m tons, or +15.4%) and dropped most for building materials (by 2.5m tons, or -24%). The latter had to with project halts and stoppages in the road-building, construction, and oil and gas industries. Besides, the shipments of coke, scrap ferrous metals, cement, and chemical fertilizers declined by 15.8%, 6.2%, 3.9%, and 2.5%, respectively.

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