ChTPZ Group celebrates Metallurgist’s Day

3 July 2015 (13:10)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 3, 2015. ChTPZ Group is celebrating Metallurgist’s Day with a motto that reads, ‘Five Years in White’, the company press service reports.

The Group’s representatives explain that five years ago, the concept of White Metallurgy was presented to Vladimir Putin at the opening ceremony of Vysota 239 Department. Vysota 239 is now a recognized national brand.

‘Symbolically, exactly five new facilities have been set up within these five years, namely, Vysota 239, Iron Ozone 32 (a steel-smelting facility), OCTG Finishing Center, the Future of White Metallurgy Educational Project, and Eterno, the Group and Rosnano’s joint venture to be launched by the end of the year,’ says ChTPZ Group shareholder and Chairman of the BOD Alexander Fedorov.

In celebration of Metallurgist’s Day, festive events will take place in Chelyabinsk on July 11 and in Pervouralsk on July 12.

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