ChTPZ Group presents White Metallurgy at international congress

20 April 2015 (10:22)

April 20, 2015. Head of Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant/ChTPZ Tube Rolling Department Evgeniy Gaas presented the plant’s White Metallurgy Production System at the 10th International Pipe Manufacturers’ Congress.

According to the plant’s press service, Gaas has been contributing to the project since the day it was launched. He worked at Vysota 239, the system’s pilot department, assisted Vladimir Putin in the department’s opening ceremony in 2010, and was appointed head of the department at the age of twenty-six in 2012, which made him the youngest manager in the Russian metallurgical sector. Two years later, Gaas headed ChTPZ’s oldest tube-rolling department so that the White Metallurgy Production System could be introduced there as well.

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