UVZ company magazine features new tank

29 May 2015 (09:24)

May 29, 2015. Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s company magazine Technowars dedicated its latest issue to the first Russian Armata tank. Editor-in-Chief Alexei Basov says this is ‘the most extraordinary issue in the magazine’s entire history.’

The new issue dwells upon the possibilities of upgrading Abrams and Leopard tanks and upon the tank fleets in the Asian and Pacific Rim. There is also a detailed catalogue of the world’s major combat vehicles and articles on the future defense aids and anti-tank missiles.

The magazine’s feature article is dedicated to the creation and future development of the newest Russian combat platform Armata. The article was written by leading Russian journalists, military experts, the tank developers, and designers of Kurganets 25 and SP gun Koalitsia SV.

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