ChTPZ gets environmental test license

27 May 2015 (09:22)

May 27, 2015. Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant/ChTPZ sanitary and environmental control lab is now on the federal Rosaccreditation list; every industrial lab must undergo such certification in order to operate.

According to the plant’s press service, the new license with no expiration date allows the company to conduct environmental tests independently, whereas in the past, ChTPZ used to have to get temporary permits for every type of analysis, some of which had to be done with the help of external bodies. The lab experts are now fully independent in a wide range of measuring operations and analyses.

The sanitary and environmental control lab monitors the condition of drinking and natural water, surface and waste water, air at the production site and its surroundings, and other physical factors. The lab experts keep on perfecting their professional skills and competences: for one, they got certified for testing water for potassium, sodium, nickel, and lead content this year.

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