ĚĚĘ upgrades energy facilities

May 21, 2015. A new turbo blowing engine was recently launched at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) steam blowing power station.

‘Turbo Blowing Engine 8 with a new turbine was launched at the station upon the completion of all the tests and start-up and commissioning jobs in May 2015. Fitted with new equipment, the machine will both ensure unfailing performance of the plant’s most powerful blast furnaces 9 and 10 throughout the year and reduce our energy costs. For one, steam consumption will go down by 10% to 15%, which will result in up to 10,000 kg less of steam per hour (that is, 1,100 m3 of natural gas per hour),’ MMK says.

Throughout 2014-2015, the company had the steam turbine and all the ancillary equipment such as heaters, pumps, pipelines, and so on replaced and the compressor repaired. The new machine is fitted with an automated control system to ensure optimal performance. The whole project cost 200m RUR to complete, including equipment costs and design, building, and assembly jobs.

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