MMK to Install New Turbine at Power Station

3 July 2018 (09:39)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, July 3, 2018. Equipment for the new steam turbine got delivered to Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Central Power Station; the new turbine is meant to replace its older counterpart and to ensure a boost in the station’s energy efficiency. The assembly and startup will begin in the very near future, the company press service reports.

The turbine was made at Ural Turbine Plant and comes with the latest automated control system to ensure best-mode performance and energy savings. For one, the unit needs less heat to produce one kilowatt of electric power, which means the station will be using less natural gas and prove more power efficient. The unit’s lifespan is estimated at forty years at least.

The 50-megawatt power generating unit made at Novosibirsk-based ELSIB has been delivered onto the site as well. This new unit is twice as powerful as the current one, which means the power station’s projected capacity will rise dramatically.

The installation process will begin shortly and will be followed by the pipeline jobs, the assembly of ancillary equipment, and the startup and commissioning jobs.

The launch of the new turbine, scheduled for the end of the year, is expected to improve the power station’s performance and make the entire plant’s power system more reliable and hi tech.

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